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Personnel Division
Provisions/policy regarding Posting/Transfer, Turnover, FR 56(J)
The CAO as the competent Authority can order the Posting/Transfer of an employee from one Establishment (Service HQ/Directorate/ISO) to another on any one of the following grounds
On initial recruitment.
On Promotion to a higher grade On request from the concerned establishment for given reasons.
On consideration of a request from an employee seeking transfer, the CAO being convinced that such actions are in the over-all interests of the organisation.
On the request from an establishment for the posting of one individual for manning a specialised appointment.
On any another administrative grounds, to be judged and approved by the CAO.

An employee who has less than three years to serve before superannuating, will as far as possible, not be transferred from the establishment, where he is serving unless there are specific administrative reasons in doing so. Likewise, an employee who has been transferred from one establishment to another, shall not, normally be posted back to the same establishment within a period of three years. It is also not expected from the establishment to unilaterally surrender an employee to the CAO’s office, if it has any problems with regard to a particular employee, it may take up the matter with CAO's office through normal channels.

The present turnover policy advocates for an 8/6 years tenure for various cadres. It is pertinent to say here that while the AFHQ Cadre provide the much needed continuity, which is conductive to the functional efficiency of the establishments, it is necessary in the interest of sound administration and matters of security that no person shall be allowed to continue in an est for an unduly long period of time.

The salient features of the existing turnover policy as modified by this office Note No 73298/TO/Policy/CAO/P-1 dated 19 May 2000 is as follows: -


Joint Directors (regularly appointed)equivalent and above 5 years
Deputy Directors (including officers appointed as Joint Directors on in-situ basis)and equivalent 6 years
Section Officers equivalent and below 8 years
A person is not transferred normally if he is within three years of retirement.

The exercise of transferring employees who have completed /completing their stipulated normal tenure is to be carried out every year in the month of March/Apr. The cut-off date for the same is taken as 30 Jun of every year.

A person shall not be posted back to the same establishment within 3 yrs.

FR 56(J)
The appropriate authority has the absolute right to retire any Government Servant prematurely, if it is of the opinion that it is in public interest, in the following circumstances.
- After attaining the age of 50 years provided he had entered Govt service beforethe age of 35 years in respect of Group ‘A’ & ‘B’(gazetted and non-gazetted) Officers.
- After attaining the age of 55 years in respect of Group 'C' employees and Group 'D' employees who had entered the service after 23 July 1966.
- On completion of 30 years of qualifying service for pension (under CCS(CCA))Pension Rule 48)
The power should not be exercised to retire an employee on grounds of misconduct or as a shortcut to avoid formal disciplinary proceedings.
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