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MOD Pool Accommodation Rules:Aide Memoire
Some salient features of the existing rules are given in the following paragraphs. For ease of understanding, they have been grouped as rules relating to :-
    Eligibility for married accommodation
Types of married accommodation
Allotment of accommodation
Retention of accommodation
Inter Services Accommodation Advisory Committee
Other important information
A Service Officer who is above the age of 25 years and is married is eligible for allotment of married accommodation from the Ministry of Defence Pool when he is posted on permanent strength of Service HQrs and Inter Service Organisations, provided his family is residing with him. 
Bachelor officers can be considered for allotment of hired/rent reimbursement accommodation subject to fulfilling certain laid down conditions. Permanently seconded officers posted to unit organisation like DGQA/DRDO/DGAQA etc. are not eligible for allotment of regular Min of Defence Pool accommodation.
Officers on attachment or temporary duty to Armed Forces Headquarters are not entitled for any type of married accn. However, officers posted to Service HQrs initially on attachment followed by permanent posting will be allowed to stay in a house on rent reimbursement basis during the period of attachment, subject to the following conditions:-
  a) the officer has drawn transfer grant etc.
  b) the officer has vacated the married accn at the last duty station.

the officer has moved his family to Delhi 

In case the attachment of the officer is converted into permanent posting without any break, he will be granted seniority for the purpose of accn from the original date of attachment.
The married accommodation in the Min of Defence Pool is divided into two parts viz   Regular accommodation and Temporary accommodation (This can be further sub-divided into hostel and hired accommodation.)
  Regular Accommodation
NOTE: Hostel Accommodation will be allotted only to those officers who do not wish to be allotted hired accommodation. In other words, for allotment of Hostel accommodation, an Officer has to apply separately to the Quartering Officer. Hostel accommodation in the above mentioned hostel is 2-roomed except for Shankar Vihar Hostel. Shankar Vihar Hostel accommodation consists of 2-bedrooms, one drawing room with kitchen and an Officer is either allotted a garage or a servant quarter.
  Hired Accommodation
Allotment of hired accn is made under two arrangements,i.e. private houses already hired under Lease Agreement and new houses sponsored for hiring in Delhi/Noida.
  Already Hired
  These houses are allotted as per the seniority through an offer letter as done in case of regular houses.
  New Houses
 In case of non-availability of accmn. in the Pool, an eligible officer can be to permitted to sponsor  a new house (self owned or otherwise) on lease and hence agreement basis. For this, he has to submit an application in the prescribed format. Initially, the house is taken on Rent-reimbursement and if the house fulfills the laid down criteria for hiring, the house is taken on lease, provided the house is located in the approved hiring zone. Provision of a geyser in one of the bathrooms and an exhaust fan in the kitchen is mandatory.The houses not falling in the hiring zone or do not meet the requirements, are approved only for rent-reimbursement.
The Officer sponsoring a house for hiring is allotted the same house and he has to stay in the same house for 11 months and is not considered for allotment of any other accommodation
  Prevailing rental ceiling
In Delhi, the scale of accommodation for hiring is based on Carpet Area which includes internal measurements of Drawing/Dining Room, Bed- rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Toilets, Store, Study Room, enclosed Verandah & Lounge/Lobby. Carpet area / rental ceiling prescribed for hiring are as under :-
RANK Limits for colonies within 12 kms from DHQ Complex Limits for colonies beyond 12 kms from DHQ Complex Rent per Month
Brig/Eqvt.& above 700 Sq Ft 800 Sq Ft Rs.6000/-
Maj to Col & Eqvt. 670 Sq Ft 725 Sq Ft  Rs.5500/-
Capt & Eqvt. 625 Sq Ft 650 Sq Ft Rs.5000/-
9 In Noida, the scale of accn for hiring is based on Plinth Area, the following Rental Structure is prevalent for hiring of houses in Noida :-
1751 Sq Ft & above (including main living unit servant quarter & garage) Rs.6,000/-, provided the house is occupied by an Officer of the rank of Brig / Eqvt & above
1500 Sq Ft to 1750 Sq Ft Rs.5,500/-, provided the house is Occupied by an Officer of the rank of Maj to Col & Eqvt.
1200 Sq Ft to 1499 Sq Ft Rs.5,000/- provided the house is occupied by an Officer of the rank of Capt & Eqvt.
950 Sq Ft to 1199 Sq Ft Rent to be calculated @ Rs.4/- per Sq Ft on Plinth Area.
  Own Arrangements (HRR or HRA)
Officers can also be permitted either to sponsor a house on rent reimbursement (HRR) or can be allowed to claim House Rent Allowance (HRA) as per relevant Govt orders.
An officer intending to sponsor a house on rent reimbursement is required to apply in advance for permission failing which permission for rent reimbursement shall be granted from the date of receipt of the application for the purpose in Quartering Office.
  Registration for allotment  
11 Salient features regarding registration of allotment are as under :
On the basis of application for allotment of married accommodation, names of the officers posted to eligible offices are registered in the Quartering Office for allotment of accommodation from the Pool for regular and hired accn only.
Officers have to apply separately for 2 roomed hostel accommodation. In case hired accommodation is not required, officers have to inform the same in advance. Officers will not be considered for both hostel andhired accommodation.
Seniority of an officer for the purpose of allotment reckons from the date he takes over the appointment in Service HQ/Inter Service Organisations, provided the requisite application is received in Quartering Office within seven (07) days of taking over the appointment, otherwise date of receipt of application would determine the date of seniority. Application on prescribed format complete in all respects, should be submitted in duplicate along with copies of Posting Order/Original, Movement Order/General Form/eqvt, certifying the date of assumption at Delhi and other relevant enclosures.
  Ante-date Seniority  
For claiming ante-date seniority as admissible under rules, the officer should produce Field Area/N.A.C. Certificate on prescribed format from the competent authority within 14 days of assumption of permanent duty. In such cases seniority will be ante-dated by half the period spent in the previous duty station.Similarly,officers reporting from other units within Delhi can apply for station seniority along with relevant certificates on prescribed format, to be submitted alongwith application for registration (Initial Application).
  Specified Areas  
Officers who are prepared to wait for allotment of accommodation in a specified area(s) can apply for the same in the prescribed format to the Quartering Officer within 12 months from the date of reporting and within three months in case of officers with ante dated seniority. An Officer can specify upto a maximum of three areas of his choice for allotment of Defence Pool Accommodation.An Officer opting for NOIDA (Hired Accommodation) must specify the sector (S) of his choice up to a maximum of three sectors, where Hired Accommodation exists.
No alteration shall be allowed in specified areas, after the acceptance of the request by the competent authority.
  The grounds on which this request can be made are :-

medical grounds supported by medical certificate, or

  b) grounds of Children’s Education duly supported by certificate or fee receipt from the school, or
  c) administrative grounds duly recommended by the applicant’s Director General/Equivalent.
  Allotment Procedure  
Allotment of Defence Pool Accommodation is made through offer letter, which contains a list of vacant houses meant for allotment and eligible officers senioritywise. Normally, two to three offer letters are issued in a month(First and third Friday of each month)
All the officers especially who are not serving in DHQ PO Zone/R K Puram Complex and whose names appear in the offer letter are required to ensure that their offer letters are collected by them by hand from the Quartering Office to avoid postal delay and consequent relegation etc. 
An eligible officer is expected to take the following actions after receipt of the offer letter :-
An officer whose name figures in the offer letter should personally ensure that his acceptance in the prescribed format reaches the Quartering Information Centre, Room No.28, ‘E’ Block within the prescribed date and time and receipt of the same duly stamped must be obtained on the duplicate acceptance ; Acceptance must be given on prescribed format only.
An officer irrespective of his position on the offer list is required to give acceptance for all the houses from the specified areas of his choice. In case an officer’s name figure in the offer list who has not specified areas of his choice, he has to give preference to all the houses offered to him in the list except Princess Park Hostel/Jodhpur Hostel ;

In case an officer proceeds on leave/temporary duty after receipt of offer, he should nominate another officer to accept / takeover accommodation on his behalf. Otherwise, he will be relegated 

No separate intimation is sent to the officer regarding allotment of accommodation. List of Officers allotted accommodation is displayed on the Quartering Information Board at ‘E’ Block on prescribed date and time and it is the personal responsibility of Officers to check and collect his allotment letter. The Officer has to contact the Quartering Information Centre as per instruction given in offer letter, to collect the allotment letter himself. Failure to do so will result in relegation and charging of damage rent from the date of such allotment till it is re-allotted and occupied by another officer 
In case the officer has to move from one allotted accommodation to another in the Defence Pool, the permissible period of overlap is seven working days;
The officer has to apply separately for allotment of garage, where there is a waiting period for allotment of garages i.e. in Arjun Vihar, Sangli Apartments, CPWD( D-I & D-II) accommodation. The date of taking over of the house would be the date of seniority for allotment of garage if the application is made within 15 days. Offers and allotments for garages and servant quarters (Curzon Road Hostel only) are made alongwith officer for MOD Pool Accommodation.
18 The position regarding relegation is as under :-

An Officer is relegated (i.e. he will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list and not be considered for allotment of the type of accommodation offered) for a period of 3 months in case of refusing Temporary accommodation and for a period of 6 months in case of refusing Regular accommodation.

An officer relegated for hired accommodation is automatically relegated for 2 roomed hostel accommodation also.

After expiry of the relegated period the name of the officer will again figure in the offer letter with his original seniority. 

An Officer relegated twice will not be considered for accommodation till he makes a written request for consideration of accommodation after the expiry of second relegation.
The request for condonation of relegation can be considered by competent authority considering the merits of each case.

Out of turn allotment

Out of turn allotment on medical or administrative grounds is made as per the procedure laid down in Rule 37 of the Defence Pool Accommodation Rules. Other forms of out of turn allotment are covered vide Rules 38 to 39-A of the Rules.
  Change of accommodation  
An officer may seek for only one change of accommodation in the same class on completion of six months stay in the accommodation occupied for special reasons. The seniority for change shall be fixed as per Rule 46 of the Accommodation Rules.
It is emphasized that retention of Defence Pool accommodation after being posted out or on retirement etc. is permitted strictly under specific sanction. Unauthorised occupation results in liability for damages rent besides eviction proceedings under PPE Act. Officers are therefore advised to ensure that there is no retention of accommodation by them beyond the authorized/specifically sanctioned period. On receipt of Posting Order an officer must take following actions:-

the officer has to inform the Quartering Officer about his posting out along with copy of posting and movement order ;

once posted out from Defence HQ an officer can retain Defence Pool Accommodation for 10 days only from the date of SOS without any permission. For retention beyond 10 days request for retention has to be made by the officer within two months on any specified ground, depending on whether his posting is to a Peace Station or a Field Area;
Officers placed on attachment, granted leave-cum-joining time, extended joining time with or without attachment must inform the Quartering Officer accordingly and obtain permission for retention in writing.
  On Posting to Peace Station
If posted to a peace station, officer can retain accommodation on NAC basis/Children education ground. The option must be exercised within a maximum period of two months from the date of SOS. The option once exercised is final and no change is permissible. The two options also cannot be clubbed.
  NAC Grounds
Officer who opts for retention on NAC basis is required to submit an NA Certificate on the proper format from his new duty station. Retention of DP accommodation on NAC grounds beyond two months is not permissible unless the officer shifts to an alternative hired or rent-reimbursed accommodation. The onus of collecting of allotment letter for alternative hired accommodation rests with the Officer and no area/locality choice in this regard is permitted.
  Children Education Grounds
In case of retention on Children education ground, the officer can retain the same house for the current academic session, for which he has to apply on the prescribed proforma and give a certificate from the school/college, as the case may be and render an undertaking that no retention would be sought on any grounds beyond the current academic session.
  Professional / Technical Courses
Retention of accommodation can be permitted till the end of academic year for the children studying in professtional / technical courses. For retention, the following conditions should be fulfilled :- 
The professional/technical course either should be conducted by Govt. Institutions on regular basis or have been recognized by Min. of Education, Govt. of India as a regular course;
  b) Retention would under no circumstances be permitted beyond one academic year of the child;
  c) This concession will be admissible only if no hostel accommodation is available in the Institution.
  Second Academic Year
Retention of accommodation for second academic year is given in exceptional cases by the Govt. on payment of rental ceiling laid down for hiring of houses. This permission is given only for one child who is studying in class X or XII, during the second academic year, subject to certain conditions (For details see Para 61 of Min of Defence Accommodation Rules). This is not permissible for college going children.
  On Posting to Field Area
On posting to a field area, an Officer is permitted to retain accommodation for a maximum period of two months. The officer must :-
Register himself for SF accommodation in terms of SAO 10/S/86 and forward a copy of the application to the Quartering Officer alongwith confirmation letter from the station HQrs.
contact the Quartering Officer for the allotment of alternative hired accommodation before expiry of two months period from the date of SOS. The onus of collecting of allotment letter for alternative hired accommodation rests with the Officer and no area/locality choice in this regard is permitted;
Once SF accommodation is allotted, immediately shift and inform the Quartering Officer the date of vacation of the Defence Pool accommodation.
  On Posting to High Risk Areas
Officers posted to High Risk, High Intensity, Anti-Insurgency areas can retain same Defence Pool accommodation for a period of 6 months in Delhi/New Delhi as against normal period of 2 months, subject to, officer complying with following conditions :-

Inform the Quartering Officer within 10 days of receipt of posting order;

Register himself for SF accommodation within 7 days of his being SOS under intimation to the Quartering Officer;
Obtain the requisite certificate for retention of accommodation from respective Works Dte of the Service HQrs and handover to the Quartering Officer before leaving the Station;
This retention can not be clubbed with retention on NAC or any other grounds;
No further retention beyond six months is admissible unless the officer shifts to an alternate hired or rent-reimbursed accommodation, in case SF accommodation is not already allotted to him. The onus of collecting of allotment letter for alternative hired accommodation rest with the officer and no area/locality choice in this regard is permitted. (GOI, MOD letter No.39987/12/CAO/Q-I dated 07 Mar 95 refers)
  Retention on Medical Grounds
Retention on medical grounds can be granted where the dependent of the officer is suffering from some terminal desease, or hospitalized requiring emergent treatment and where shifting of the patient would endanger his/her life. The officer is required to produce medical certificate from Govt./Military hospital and will also have to establish that required medical facilities are not available at new duty station. Retention of the same accommodation will be permitted upto period not more than 4 months on payment of four times the normal licence fees. 
In case retention beyond 4 months is sought, the officer will be required to be shifted to a lower type of accommodation. Total retention under no circumstances would be longer than one year.
  Retention by Family of Deceased Service Officer
The family of deceased service officer can retain Defence Pool Accommodation for initial period of two years in all cases of death while in service on payment of normal licence fees and allied charges. In such cases the approval is granted by the Station Commander and the licence fees shall be paid in advance, through a Bank Draft drawn in favour of the allotting authority. In such a case the deceased officer or his dependent should not have owned a house at the place of posting. In case of those service personnel, who died in action/operational war duties including Counter Insurgency related action, additional one year, is also given on payment of normal rate plus allied charges subject to approval of COAS/CAS/CNS [Authority Govt. of India, Min of Defence letter No. 13/ (40)/97/D(Q&C) dt 16 Aug 99].
Service Officers who are re-employed and posted out of Defence HQ can retain Defence Pool Accommodation on payment of licence fee at normal rates subject to the following conditions :-
This will be applicable only to such officers who have not availed LPR and are re-employed by the Defence Services within 60 days from the date of retirement ;

Retention of family accommodation in such cases will be allowed only on production of “Non-availability of married accommodation certificate” from the Station Commander of the new duty station as per existing orders.

In certain exceptional cases, an officer who is permitted retention of Defence Pool Accommodation on any ground is unable to come to Delhi to handover the accommodation by the due date because of non-grant of leave on service exigencies resulting in liability for damages rent for the excess period and eviction action under PPE Act. In such rare cases, further retention beyond the authorised period can be considered as under subject to Government sanction
officers posted to High Intensity, High Risk and Anti Insurgency areas and permitted retention of Defence Pool accommodation vide letter No.DMW/32200/1/PSOC, Govt of India, Min of Defence (Military Wing) dated 14 Sep 1995 can be further permitted to retain the same accommodation for a maximum period of three months on Exigency of Service Certificate signed by the GOC-in-C/Equivalents in the Navy / Airforce. There will be no further extension.
In all other cases retention of Defence Pool accommodation due to exigency of service will be permitted as under:-
    i - for one month on EOS certificate duly signed by GOC / Equivalents in the Navy / Airforce.
    ii -
Additional three months on exigency of service certified by GOC-in-C/Equivalents in the Navy / Airforce. There will be no further extension.
  Retention by Officers on Study Leave
Officers proceeding on study leave and attached to Branches/Dte of Services HQrs will be required to shift to hired accommodation in Noida or may be permitted to sponsor houses in Delhi or to live on rent reimbursement. Officers attached to any unit other than AFHQ can retain regular Defence Pool Accommodation for 10 days. For retention beyond 10 days and upto a period of 60 days, the officer will be required to produce NAC from the Unit to which he is attached. Other conditions for retention on NAC will be applicable. Name of such Officers will be included in offer lists for Hired Accommodation. It is the personal responsibility of the officer to respond to these offers and shift to Hired Accommodation.
  Retention by Officers on Deputation
Deputationists proceeding to Civil organisations on voluntary basis can retain Defence Pool Accommodation for 2 months when deputed to Civil Departments and for 10 days when deputed to Public Undertakings. Deputationists who are posted to Civil organizations on tenure basis in the same station without being given any option are required to shift to hired accommodation within 2 months of their transfer. [For details read Govt. of India, Min of Defence letter No. 13(1)/89/D(Q&C) dated 31 Jan 1990].
  Retention of Accommodation after Retirement
Service Officers after retirement/invalidation/superannuation will be allowed retention of Defence Pool accommodation for a period of 3 months at their last duty station on payment of normal licence fees. The concession of retention of accommodation will not be admissible for those officers who on the date of retirement are living in their own house and are claiming rent reimbursement (For details read Govt. of India, Min of Defence letter No. 13(1)/86/D(Q&C) dated 03 July 1991). In case of a reserved accommodation it has to be vacated in 10 days and occupant shall be required to shift to an alternate accommodation one class below his entitlement at the same station.
  Retention by Service Officers proceeding on Course of Instruction in India/Ex-India
Service Officers detailed on course of instruction in India can retain Defence Pool Accommodation for the duration of the course or upto a period maximum of 6 months, whichever is less. If the duration of the course exceeds 6 months, it will be treated as transfer from AFHQ. Retention of accommodation will be permitted either on Children education ground or NAC basis. An officer proceeding ex-India on course of instruction or on deputation for a period of more than 3 months but less than 12 months can retain Defence Pool Accommodation provided he has not availed the concession of free conveyance for the family to a selected place of residence in India.
  Retention of Accommodation on Subsequent Posting
If an Officer is posted out from AFHQ/ISOs to another station (Station A) and subsequently to another station (Station B), while retaining Defence Pool accommodation, he may be permitted to retain Defence Pool accommodation under special Govt. Sanction either on grounds of NAC or children’s education grounds provided the officer is posted out and SOS from station A to Station B before the date of expiry of the earlier sanction given, if any, for retention of the accommodation. In the event of B station being a field area, further retention of the Defence Pool accommodation will be regularized under the normal rules applicable on posting to field area.
  Un-authorised Occupation
An officer retaining accn without any valid sanction will be treated as un-authorised occupant. Apart from charging rent at damges rates, eviction proceedings will be initiated against the officer as per the provisions of the Public Premises (Eviction of un-authorised occupants), Act 1971.
An advisory Committee known as Inter Services Accommodation Advisory Committee (ISAAC) exists for advising the Min of Defence / JS (T) & CAO on the policy matters relating to allocation of accn and representations from the Service Officers received through respective Service HQrs on allotment / retention of MoD Pool accn
    The composition of the ISAAC is as follows :-
      Chairman  JS (T) & CAO
      Members    One senior officer each,  representing the three Service HQrs viz. Army HQ, Naval HQ and Air HQ
  Dealing Officers Concerned
The officers concerned with basic functions to allot/administer the accommodation, whom the service officers have to deal with are as under:-


Quartering Officer R.No.29, ‘E’ Block,DHQ PO., New Delhi Tel.No.23014632 Allotment/retentions and offers, related quartering matters. 
Admin Officer CAO/E-1(A) & E-1(B) R.Nos.26 & 27, ‘E’ Block,E-I(A)- Army General Officers (Tele:23014796) E- 1(B)Navy, Airforce (Tele: 23016105)
Quartering Information Centre R.No.28, ‘E’ Block,  Queries relating to registration/allotment
SAO, CAO/E-II R.No.25, ‘E’ Block, Tele :23014637 Hiring of accommodation
Admin Officer CAO/E-II R.No.42, ‘E’ Block,Tel.No.23018226
  Service Reps
40 The Service HQ reps in the Inter Services Accommodation Advisory Committee (ISAAC) are as follows:-
Dir Q3 (QR) Director Dir (Works)
Addl Dte of LWE Dte of AFW Dte of Works
R.No.401, ‘A’ Wing, R.No.144 R.No.31
Sena Bhavan Vayu Bhavan ‘A’ Block Hutments
Tel.No.23018875 Tel.No.23377144 Tel.No.23011414 
  Enquiry Timings
Officers may contact the officers and the Information Centre mentioned in Para 38 above only during the stipulated enquiry timings i.e. 1430 to 1630 hrs on working days for required information / clarifications relating to the Defence Pool accommodation. Collection of forms and submission of applications (by hand) may also be done at Room No.27 only during these timings. All visitors are requested to strictly adhere to these Enquiry Timings.
It is hoped that this Aide Memoire will be of help to the Service Officers. Suggestions to improve this effort are appreciated
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