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Ministry of Defence Distribution Section (MDDS)

Ministry of Defence Distribution Section is responsible for the distribution of documents pertaining to War and Peace establishments.

It is headed by a Section Officer and the line of authority progresses to Dy Dir (COORD) > Dy CAO (DCW)

CAO/MDDS has an authorized strength of one SO, two Asstts, six clerks, two machine minders and seven MTS. The posts of Asstts and clerks are interchangeable as per PE of MDDS.

Charter of Duties
  1. Ministry of Defence Distribution Section is responsible for receipt, distribution and preservation of both classified as well as unclassified publication, which emanate from the various branches of Army Headquarters from time to time. Besides the distribution function, MDDS is also responsible for the general distribution of these publications whenever there is an amendment/revision.

  2. The timely distribution of various publications to units/formations/Headquarters enhances their efficiency in total and in turn strengthens the Military effectiveness. The drill gets added importance when there is tension on the borders of our country, resulting in lot of new raisings and re-organizations of Army units including Rashtriya Rifles.

  3. The distribution of War Equipment Tables, Peace Equipment Tables, Complete Equipment Schedules, Equipment Table Schedules, is indispensable for the well maintenance of the Army Equipments by the units/formations/Headquarters.

  4. MDDS is responsible for the distribution of various publications to new units/formations that are raised from time to time. MDDS has also been entrusted with job relating to receipt and compilation of Annual Safe Custody Returns submitted by all the Army Units/Formations/Headquarters at the end of each calendar year. Compilation of these returns and their security in MDDS ensure the safe maintenance of various classified publications by the Army Units.

  5. The distribution of Civilian Personnel Routine Orders by this section enables the Civilians working in various Defence Establishments throughout the country to keep themselves abreast of the latest policy decisions of the Ministry of Defence/Army Headquarters and their timely implementation.