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(Joint Consultative Machinery)


Constitution of the Office Council (JCM) of AFHQ and Inter-Servtions dt 16 Jun 2017:-         Ammendment (dt 16 Aug 2017)   Revised

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  Constitution of the Office Council (JCM) of AFHQ and Inter-Service Organisations
1. Title

This Constitution may be called the Constitution of the “Office Council” of the AFHQ and Inter- Service Organisations, under the Scheme for joint consultative machinery and compulsory arbitration for Central Government employees.

2. Application

This Constitution shall cover all the regular Civilian employees of the Central Government, for whom the Scheme for J.C.M. is applicable, borne on the strength of AFHQ and Inter-Service Organisations

3. Objects

The object of the Council is to promote harmonious relations and to secure the greatest measure of co-operation between the Government in its capacity as employer, and the general body of its employees in matters of common concern and to increase the efficiency of public services combined with the welfare of those employed.

4. Scope and functions

The scope of the Office Council will include all local matters relating to conditions of service, welfare of employees, improvement of efficiency and standards of work with particular reference to the local conditions.

The subject to be discussed should be limited to matters normally within the competence of the Office of C.A.O., Ministry of Defence, such as promotion, confirmation, seniority, quasi-permanency, revision of duty hours, including mitigation and elimination of split duty, alteration in distribution of work, regulation of holiday duties, accommodation for officers and staff, provision of amenities and rotational transfers.

Matters/Subjects which are within the competence of National/Departmental Council should not generally be discussed at the meeting held at the Office Council level.

5. Composition

The membership of the ‘Official Side’ may not exceed ten and that of ‘Staff Side’ thirteen; the distribution of seats on the Staff Side between the recognised AFHQ Associations being made by the chairman of the Office Council on the basis of their strength.

The Office Council shall consist of –

(A)   CAO - Chairman
(B) Representatives of the Staff Side    
  (a) ACSOs (Now Section Officers)   02
  (b) Stenographers   01
  (c) Assistants   02
  (d) UDC's & LDC's   04
  (e) Other Gp. ‘B’ and Gp. ‘C’   01
  (f) Category GP. 'C'/Erstwhile Gp. 'D'   03
    Total   13
(C) Representatives of the Official Side    
  (a) Dy. CAO(TCW)   - Member Secretary
  (b) Director, CAO’s Office
  (c) Director, CAO’s Office
  (d) Jt Director (P-II), DGQA*
  (e) DFA - (E/MO)
  (f) Jt CDA
  (g) Director, SO (Coord) (Adm & Coord), Army HQ**
  (h) JDOA(Civ), Naval HQ*
  (j) JDPC, Air HQ *
  (k) Jt Director(Pers),R&D* and Director, JCB
( will share the seat by rotation on one year basis)
  * Officer not below the rank of regular Jt Director
  ** Officer not below the rank of Colonel.

Note - 1 : In the case of Armed Forces Headquarters(including Inter-Service Organisations) nomination to the Staff Side seats from amongst the staff of these Headquarters will be made by Associations recognized by the Government.

Note - 2 : No person who is not an employee or an honourably retired employee of the Central Government shall be a member of the Office Council.

Government may permit an ex-employee to be a member of an Office Council after examining the merits of each individual case.

Note - 3 : The Staff Side representatives will be nominated for a term of 3 years but there will be no bar for re-nomination. Vacancies caused by death, retirement, resignation, transfer etc. will be filled for the un-expired term.

Note - 4 : An Association may replace on the Office Council its representatives as have ceased to be such of its office-bearers at annual elections or by exigencies such as a vote of no-confidence.

Note - 5 : The Staff Side shall elect by simple majority one of its members as its Leader, who shall hold office for a period of one year but shall be eligible for re-election.

Note - 6 : The Official and Staff Side may each appoint its Secretary or Secretaries.


6. Periodicity

The meeting of the Office Council shall normally be held once in two months.

7. Quorum

The quorum shall be 1/3rd each of the strength of the Official and Staff Sides.

8. Agenda

(i) The Agenda for the meeting shall be prepared under the orders of and approved by the Chairman.

(ii) The Agenda for ordinary meeting shall be circulated to all members not less than one week before the meeting.

9. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting will be finalized under the directions of the Chairman in the usual manner and copies thereof will thereafter be circulated to members of the Council.

10. Appointment of Committees

The Office Council may appoint Committees from amongst its members to study and report on any matters falling within its scope.

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