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Coordination and Welfare

List of AMAs : Employees living in areas around Delhi where CGHS facility is not available, can get medical treatment from Medical Attendants authorised by the Office of JS(T) & CAO. Click here for list and OMs..

Implementation of Prohibition of Smoking at Public Places. Click here for order


Functions and Duties of CAO/C&W
  1. Coordination with various organizations of Ministry of Defence, Service Headquarters & ISOs as well as with other Ministries i.e. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Deptt. of Personnel and Training etc.
  2. Policy matters with regard to Departmental Canteens.
  3. Review Meeting of Senior Officers.
  4. Parliamentary matters.
  5. Policy matters related to CGHS facilities and appointment Authorised Medical Attendants.
  6. Sports and Cultural activities and maintenance of Sports fund.
  7. Welfare of AFHQ/ISOs employees and maintenance of Welfare and Amenities fund.
  8. Redressal of Grievances and settlement of disputes of AFHQ civilian employees and general administration.
Channel of supervision and accountability

Norms for the discharge of its functions
  1. All receipts are processed expeditiously in order of priority.

  2. Processing is carried out strictly in terms of rules & regulations framed on the subjects by DOP&T or Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Defence or the concerned nodal Department of the Government.

  3. Approval of the Competent Authority is to be obtained in every case before issue of letter.

Documents held or used for discharge of functions
  1. Manual of Office Procedure CS(MA) Rules, 1944
  2. Orders issued by Ministry of H&FW regarding CGHS facilities
  3. Delegation of Financial Powers Rules
  4. Orders issued by DOP&T from time to time
  5. Orders issued by Ministry of Defence
Committees constituted as part of office or for its advice
  1. Managing Committee of AFHQ/ISOs Sports and Cultural Organisation
  2. Relief Sub-Committee of AFHQ/ISOs Welfare and Amenities Fund