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The Discipline, Coord & Welfare Division is under the overall charge of Dy Chief Administrative Officer(Discipline, Coord & Welfare) (Dy CAO /DCW). The Dy CAO(DCW) is also the Hony Secy of the Defence Civilian Medical Aid Fund(DCMAF). There are seven Sections in this Division. The Charter of Duties of these Sections is as under:-


(i) Coordination for JS(Trg) & CAO Wing in Min of Defence, Service HQ & ISOs and within CAOs Office

(ii) Liaison with MoD/D(Coord), D(Parl), D(O&M/PG) etc. in connection with report/returns, Parliament matters etc;

(iii) Compilation, consolidation and submission of reports and return in respect of JS(Trg) & CAO Wing and within CAO’s office;

(iv) Issues related to Departmental Canteens;

(v) Telecommunication aspect of CAO’s office;

(vi) Parliamentary matters – coordination work for the JS(Trg) & CAO Wing and within CAO’s Office;

(vii) Delegation of Administrative Powers/financial powers;

(viii) Republic Day/Independence Day-Issue of invitation cards and grant of honorarium to employees detailed for Republic Day/Independence Day duties etc. Liaison with MoD/D(Ceremonials) in this connection;

(ix) Records Management;

(x) Annual Action Plan, Audit Paras;

(xi) Coordination of election related activities;

(xii) Maintenance of Staff Cars;

(xiii) Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) cases received on CAO’s office portal;

(xiv) Processing of Hospitality Bills, General Refreshment Bills in r/o CAO’s office;

(xv) Matters related to Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) in CAO’s office;

(xvi) Defence Validation Slips to MTNL & Postal employees;

(xvii) Matters related to RTI, appointment of Transparency Officer, designation of CPIOs and filing of quarterly annual return of RTI cases in r/o CAO’s office;

(xviii) Matters related to Good Governance and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan;

(xix) Administration of MoD Library;

(xx) Selection of Books for entertainment of troops and securing National Defence Fund grant from the PMO for the same as well as laying down of guidelines;

(xxi) Constitution of Purchase Committee, Inspection Committee in r/o CAO’s office;

(xxii) Constitution of `No Smoking’ Flying Squad and appointment of Nodal Officer under ‘Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules’ in r/o CAO’s office;

(xxiii) Maintenance & operation of CAO’s Office registry;

(xxiv) Random security check, detailment of Branch Security Officer, Sector Fire Officer;

(xxv) Coordination of Local Test Audit in CAO’s Office;

(xxvi) Peace Establishment of CAO’s office;

(xxvii) Custody of passport (official/ordinary) of AFHQ officials other than those posted in Naval & Air HQ;

(xxviii)Charter of duties of CAO’s office; and,

(xxix) Prime Minister’s New 15 point Programme for the welfare of Minorities to give special consideration to Minorities in Recruitment.

(b) Central Transit House (CAO/CTH)

(i) Functioning as Central registry for receipt/despatch of mail of all Service HQs and ISOs;

(ii) Operation/maintenance of Record Room of CAO’s Office;

(iii) Distribution of mail/dak to local offices and civil Ministries located in South Block, North Block, Rail Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan etc; and,

(iv) Delivery of mail pertaining to Foreign Countries through Diplomatic Bag as well as to private addressees received in CTH from Army HQrs and ISOs only.


(i) Coordination in welfare matters with various organizations of Min of Defence, Service HQrs/ISOs as well as with other Ministries viz., Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Deptt of Personnel and Training, UPSC, SSC, CSIR etc;

(ii) Matters related to CGHS facilities and appointment of Authorised Medical Attendant;

(iii) Sports and Cultural activities and maintenance of Sports Fund;

(iv) Welfare of AFHQ/ISOs employees and maintenance of welfare and Amenities Fund.

(v) Redressal of Grievances of AFHQ/ISOs Civilian employees and general administration;

(vi) Issue of Pensioner’s card to retired civilian employees of AFHQ/ISOs;

(vii) Grant of recognition to the Service Associations of AFHQ/ISOs Employees;

(viii) Matters pertaining to Office Council (JCM) of AFHQ/ISOs;

(ix) Matters relating to Departmental Council (JCM) of DoP&T;

(x) Handling of the demonstration/protest, rallies held by Associations;

(xi) Issue of Defence Validation Cards and MHA Validation Slips to JCM members and office bearers of Service Associations of AFHQ/ISOs;

(xii) Operation of Women Cell as per the Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, notification by Ministry of Women & Child Development dated 09 Dec 2013 and guidelines issued by DoP&T from time to time; and,

(xiii) Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place.

(d) Official Language (CAO/OL)

(i) Implementation of the Provisions of Official Language Act and Rules. Compliance of various directives/Instructions issued from time to time by Deptt. of Official Language/Min of Home Affairs.

(ii) Translation of official documents from English to Hindi and vice versa; and,

(iii) Arrangement for imparting Training in Hindi, Hindi Typing and Hindi Stenography;

(e) Departmental Discipline (CAO/DD) This Section is dealing with all disciplinary cases and vigilance matters in respect of all AFHQ Civilian Officers/Staff for which the JS(Trg) & CAO is the Cadre Controlling Authority.

(f) Min of Defence Distribution Section(MDDS)

(a) MDDS is responsible for receipt, distribution and preservation of both classified as well as unclassified publications viz., War Equipment Tables, Peace Equipment Table, Complete Equipment Table Schedule and amendments thereto issued by various branches of Army HQs from time to time. Distribution of these publications to all units/formations/HQs of the Army.

(b) Receipt and compilation of Annual Safe Custody Returns submitted by all the Army units/formations/HQs at the end of each calendar year.

(g) MoD Library Administration of MoD Library and Selection of books for entertainment of troops and securing National Defence Fund (NDF) grant for the same as well as laying down of guidelines.

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The Defence Headquarter Departmental Descipline, functioning under the Departmental Descipline, Coordination and Welfare Division of CAO’s Office. It is responsible for inquiring into complaints of irregularities, indiscipline, and matters having a vigilance aspect against AFHQ employees, and taking disciplinary action against them if they are found to have violated Conduct Rules. More info...
The Division, through its Coord and Welfare section, looks after the welfare of civilian employees in Service Headquarters and Inter-Service Organisations.
Armed Forces Headquarters/Inter-Service Organisation Welfare & Amenities Fund provides financial help to the employees during acute distress.
The Division also co-ordinates sports and cultural activities of AFHQ employees.
The work of MoD Library and release of grant from National Defence Fund in PMO for purchase of books and reading material for entertainment of troops are also dealt with by this Division.
The Departmental Descipline, Co-ordination & Welfare Division is under the overall charge of Dy Chief Administrative Officer (Departmental Descipline, Co-ordination & Welfare), abbreviated as Dy CAO (DCW).  There are eight sections in this Division. 



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Central Transit House functions as the Central Registry for receipt/dispatch of mail of service Headquarters and ISOs. It also operates/maintains Record Room of CAO’s Office.
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