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Out Station Vacancies
  Date Post Establishment Station Last Date for Submission Click here for details
  10-07-19 MTS DQA(C V), Avadi, DQA(R&S), Secunderabad, DQA(M&E), Ichhapur, DSC(Banglore),DSC(Dehradun), DSC(Kanpur) Avardi, Ichhapur, Banglore, Dehradun, Kanpur 14-08-19 Click here
  29-05-19 SO DSC Banglore 21 Jun 2019 Click here
  28-06-19 SO DQA (M&E) Ichhapur 19 Jul 2019 Click here
  10-05-19 ASO/SSA/JSA DGOS(MGO) Kolkata 31-05-19 Click here
  14-03-19 ASO/SSA/JSA DSE/Army HQ Publication Team, CME Pune/Army HQ Publication Team Gopalpur / DMDE/DQA(R&S)/ PTC / DQA(CV) M.P., Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu 07-05-2019 Click here
  01-03-19 SO PTC Kalpakkam 05-04-2019 Click here 
  14-02-19 Steno/PA DMDE/DQA(R&S)/DQA(CV)/PTC Secunderabad,Avadi,Kalpakkam 08-03-2019 Click here
  19-12-18 SO DQA (M&E)/DMDE Ichapur, Secunderabad 30-01-2018 Click here
  08-10-18 ASO/SSA/JSA DSC/AHQ/DMDE/PTC/DQA/(CV)/DQA(R&S)/DQA(M&E) Banglore, Jabalpur, Gopalpur, Sec'bad,Kalpakam, Avadi, Ichapur 15-11-2018 Click here
  28-08-18 Dy. Dir DQA(AVADI) Chennai 27-09-2018        Click here
  03-08-18 SO BCS Kolkata 07-09-2018          Click here
  23-07-18 Steno/PA DMDE/DQA(R&S)/DQA(CV)/PTC Sec'bad, Avadi,Kalpakkam 20-08-2018 Click here
  28-12-17 Steno/PA/PS DMDE/DQA/DSC/PTC Sec'bad, Avadi, Kanpur, Kalpakkam, Banglore 31-01-2018 Click here
  25-09-17 ASO/SSA/JSA DSC/ CME/ DMDE/ DQA Hyderabad/ Pune/ Sec'bad/ Avadi/ Ichapur 15-11-2017 Click here
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