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Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies
  Manpower Planning & Recruitment Division
  Personnel & Legal Division
  Grade Pay   Composition of the Screening Committee   Ratifying Authority
  1,900 to 2,800 and NFS in 4,200   Dy. CAO (P)- Chairman & Two officers of Dy. Director level- Members   Dir (HR)
  4,600 and 4,800   Director - Chairman & Two officers of Jt. Director level- Members   JS (T) & CAO
  6,600 and 7,600   JS (T) & CAO – Chairman & Two officers of Dir level- Members   Addl. Secy.
  8,700   Additional Secretary- ChairmanJS (T) & CAO- Member Officer not below the rank of a Maj. Gen. or equivalent- Member   Defence Secy.
Estate & Works Division
Name and address of the Affiliated Body
Inter Services Accommodation Advisory Committee (ISAAC)
Principal Supply Officers’ committee. (PSOC)


Structure and Member Composition

  Dir (Qtg/Policy)/QMG , PD (Works) of Navy & Air Force, Dir, Dy CAO (EW), SAO (E-II) & Quartering Officer O/o the JS (T) & CAO   QMG, COM, AOM, JS (T) & CAO and AFA


Role of the Affiliated Body (Advisory/Managing/Executive/Others)


  It considers all matters relating to Defence Pool accommodation.   It considers all matters relating to Defence Pool accommodation.

Head of the Body

  JS (T) & CAO   The Senior most PSO


Address and main office and its branches


  Quartering Officer O/o JS (T) & CAO Room-27, E Block, New Delhi-11011   The Secretary PSOC, R.No.15 OLD DGBR BUILDING KASHMIR HOUSE


Frequency of Meetings


  Normally monthly   Bi-monthly, however, convened by the PSOC Secretary
  Can public participate in the meetings?   NO   No
  Are minutes of the meetings prepared?   Yes   Yes
  Finance and Materials Division
  Administration Division

Committee to examine cases pertaining to re-imbursement of expenses on medical treatement on emergency incurd by AFHQ civilian working in AFHQ/ISOs, comprising of:

    1   Chairperson Dy CAO (A)
    2   Members One Officer each, of the level of Jt Dir./DD, from DGAFMS, Naval HQ, Air HQ and CAO's office.
  Departmental Discipline, Coordination & Welfare Division
Name of Committee

Officers nominated for the Committee

Period of the committee
Constitution of Committees to be associated inthe matter  of procurement/ disposal of stationery/stores exceeding value 1 Lakh One officer of the rank of Dy CAO Quarterly
Constitution of purchase committee to purchase the goods costing above 15 thousand and upto 01 lakh on each occasion Two Regular member of the rank of SAO/Dy Director and two reserve member of the rank of SAO/Dy Director . Quarterly
(a) Inspection Committee for Stationery and General Stores Chairman
  • 01 – SAO-Regular
  • 01 – SAO-Reserve
  • 01 – AO-Regular
  • 02 – AO-Reserve
  • 01 – AO (FM Div)
Half yearly

(b) Inspection Committee for Machinery, Hot and Cold (H&C) and Furniture Stores

  • 01 – SAO-Regular
  • 01 – SAO-Reserve
Members 01 – AO-Regular
  • 02 – AO-Reserve
  • 01 – AO (FM Div)
Half yearly

        Gp ‘A’


        Gp ‘B’ (Gazetted)

Additional Secretary (for all penalties) Chief Administrative Officer (for minor penalties)

        Gp ‘B’ (Non-Gaz)

Chief Administrative Officer

        Gp ‘C’ Dy CAO
        Gp ‘D’



Gp ‘A’

  • Defence Secretary
  • The Additional Secretary, who is the channel of submission between JS(E) and Defence Secretary
  • Joint Secretary (E)

Gp ‘B’ (Gazetted & Non-Gazetted)

  • Additional Secretary
  • Joint Secretary (Trg) & CAO
  • Joint Secretary (E)

Gp ‘C’

  • Joint Secretary (Trg) & CAO
  • Dy CAO (P)
  • Dy CAO (A)

Gp ‘D’

  • Dy CAO (P)
  • Senior Administrative Office (DD)
  • Senior Administrative Office (Legal)

Defence Headquarters Training Institute

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