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Applications developed by CAO/EDP

(a) CAO Payroll System: This is used for preparation of pay related data/documents pertaining to about 8000 civilian employees of Army HQ and ISOs. It is a multi-user system and generates paybills, payslips, ECS list & floppy, increment DOs, TOS & SOS lists, cheque statement, all schedules, disbursement sheet, automatic release of increment, stoppage of GPF recovery 3 months prior to retirement, DA arrears and Bonus payment.

(b) Estate Management System: It is a single user system and deals with allotment of defence pool accomodation to service officers of Army, Air Force and Navy. The application handles registration with in-built validation controls. It has query modules for inquiries w.r.t vacant accomodations, current status, waiting lists etc. It generates reports in the form of offer letters to service officers, allotment letters and vacancy circulars.

(c) Inventory Control and Management System: Made in dBase this relates to issue of general stores and stationery items, reorder level check, daily summary generation, and yearly generation of new transaction tables.

(d) Personnel Information System: This package maintains information pertaining to AFHQ civilian staff, things like personal and service details, promotion and posting, education and training courses attended. It also generates various reports and answers queries.

(e) Recruitment Management: This application processes information about persons recruited under AFHQ cadre through SSC and UPSC. It handles issue of appointment letter, follow ups, cancellation etc. It also caters to integration of recruitment data with the payroll system.

(f) Automated Leave Maintenance System: This single user software maintains employee leave details, generates Dos, updates leave records, and checks leave availablility.

(g) Weekly security report: It is used by security office to submit weekly report the Defence Secretary on foreign visitors to the service HQs.

(h) Complaints management system: It deals with computer related complaints logged by users in CAO’s office and used by maintenance engineers to rectify complaints.

(j) Other applications : User groups have been helped to develop softwares for ACR monitoring system, Posting & transfer orders of Gp C & D employees, quarterly bulletin publishing, JCM minutes compendium maintenance, etc.

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