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Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Centre

The EDP Centre of the office of JS(T) & CAO was set up in 1983-84 as a small Section with the assistance of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation). A remote terminal, linked to their main system at Metcalfe House, was provided in Sena Bhawan.
Over the years, the EDP Section has developed into a full-fledged Centre. From a symbolic beginning with one remote terminal, the EDP Centre currently has two Servers, latest PCs, Scanner, and Line- and Laser-Printers. All sections of the office of JS(T) & CAO have been provided with latest PCs and 350 of them are functioning as stand-alone PCs or as nodes of Local Area Network (LAN).
The Centre has the credit of developing an integrated Payroll System for the more than 8000 civilian personnel of AFHQ as well as of lower formations of various organizations like DGQA, DRDO, DGBR etc. who are posted to the Army Hqrs. and the Hqrs. of Inter Services Organisations. The System, which was originally developed in COBOL, has been totally re-written in Oracle.
The Centre has also developed and implemented Quartering Information System that deals with allotment of residential accommodation to Service Officers posted to the Services Hqrs. The entire process of registration, allotment of accommodation, retention, waiting list etc. have been automated. Generation of rent bills for the hired houses and related information have also been automated. This Application System has also been developed in Oracle.
A number of independent Application Systems on various platforms like dBase, Clipper, Access etc. for Inventory Management, Pre-Recruitment Formalities, Leave Management System, Disciplinary System etc. have been developed.
The EDP Centre takes pride in stating that all Application Systems have been designed, developed and implemented in-house by the officers and staff of the Centre. The Personnel of the EDP Centre belong to the AFHQ Clerical Service and AFHQ Civil Service who are not IT professionals.
This website of the Office of JS(Trg) and CAO available on the internet has been created by EDP Centre and is being maintained by them. EDP Centre has made another website styled as 'CAO-Net' which is available on the Local Network. This local website seeks to be an instrument for bringing about a change in the enviroment towards increased use of ICT tools for effecient and economic functioning of the offices of CAO.
The present charter of duties of the CAO/EDP Centre includes the following:
Implementation of e-Governance in the office of JS(T) & CAO.
System Study of existing manual systems and their automation wherever necessary
Processing and vetting the IT requirement of Inter Services Organisations.
Maintenance of the Application systems developed.
Development and maintenance of CAO's websites on the internet and the intranet (LAN).
Ensuring maintenance of Servers, LAN and PCs of the office of JS(T) & CAO.
Issue of computer consumables to offices of CAO
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